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Register your children today for the CogAT Test, to be among the elite of the Mawhibatna programme,
which offers broad prospects for talent development in advanced professional programmes.

Did you know that gifted students have hidden potential that can be discovered and developed?

Did you know that there is a special and exclusive programme for these gifted students?

With the Mawhibatna programme, Sandooq Al Watan offers just that.

Mawhibatna Programme

The Mawhibatna programme is a Sandooq Al Watan initiative, that aims to enrich the knowledge and abilities of gifted individuals through specialised and diversified programmes. It is managed by professional mentors and specialists in the field of Talent Management.

Mawhibatna – Summer 2018

50Gifted students
selected for
advance courses

4Advanced Courses:

  • Cryptology
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Flight Science
  • Principles of Engineering Design
100HrsEach course over 2 weeks
7% to 71%Increase in scores
on university
level assessments

Strategic Partners:

Academic Supporters:

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Mawhibatna – Summer 2018

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Application – Discover your child’s potential

Registration Conditions:
  • UAE Nationals
  • Students from Grade 6 to 12
  • A copy of valid Emirates ID to be uploaded
  • A copy of latest School Certificate containing cumulative average to be uploaded

Application – Discover your child’s potential

1Step 01Personal Info
2Step 02Academic Info
Upload a copy of Emirates ID [Both Sides]

All Fields are Mandatory

Application – Discover your child’s potential

1Step 01Personal Info
2Step 02Academic Info
Upload a copy of last school grade certificate with Cumulative Average %

All Fields are Mandatory

Application – Discover your child’s potential

Thank You!

Your Student ID is SWM000001. Please make a note of this number for any future references regarding your application. We have also sent an email to the email ID provided which contains all details pertaining to your test.

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‘Mawhibatna Summer 2018’ session.

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Sandooq Al Watan – Brief:

Sandooq Al Watan aims to support the UAE in establishing a sustainable knowledge-based economy by developing the UAE’s human capital and encouraging innovation. With the launch of the Mawhibatna programme, gifted students are able to discover and develop their abilities to meet the requirements of the future and increase the efficiency of Emirati citizens and the economy.

Sandooq Al Watan aims to test students from grade 6 to 12, using the Cognitive Ability Test [CogAT], to discover gifted Emirati students to enroll them in specialised and intensive programmes to develop their talents and unleash their potential.